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Hello, my name is Yonna Tukundane. I am a father, husband and social media manager. In my primary school, I looked forward to having my personal site, place where I would share my thoughts and experience with you. I had no knowledge about computers or the internet at the time. The first time I touched a computer was in 2004 at Kashozi Boarding Primary school. It was second term and I had only been in this school for two weeks. 

Before entering the computer room, we had to leave our shoes outside and walk in a line. The unwritten rule was do not touch the computer unless you are told to do so. The computers were about fifteen meaning each computer was shared by 2-3 pupils. The class started with the two parts of a computer i.e. the software and hardware. As we went into details of the hardware, I discovered the CPU and monitor switches. I was excited and pressed them in the order explained by our computer teacher.

Big mistake. The cream compaq computer desktop in front of me started booting and boy was I excited. First the flickering white light on the CPU that turned green,  the monitor was showing an MS DOS window asking me to press enter to start the computer. I looked for the enter key on the keyboard and pressed it to see what would happen. I remember the Microsoft Window 95 logo appearing on the screen with the booting music in the background. Everyone in class went quiet and all eyes were on me. 

As I looked around the laboratory to locate the teacher for help, I  was hit with a wooden broom handle in the middle of my smoothly shaved head. The teacher was furious and without waiting for explanation, he chased me out of the computer laboratory. I was banned from accessing this facility for two weeks. This is the day I feel head over heals with computers. 

I am not reinventing the wheel when it comes to writing. But I know there are people who will learn a thing or two from me. I will only be uploading a post every Friday, writing about life, social media, digital tools, smartphone content creation, free training facilities on the internet, applications that can improve your work flow, books I am reading, marriage, raising children, christian life among others. 

At the moment, I don’t have a  tagline for this blog. I hope to get one along the way. Thank you for taking time to visit. Please share your comments and lets connect on social media. I am thrilled to have overcome the decade of procrastination. This blog is a fresh start for me.


  1. Great work ….. You are an intelligent and hard working man, I know this will be a success . God bless you, looking forward to this new journey.

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    1. All the best ssebo, I have been asked several times to start a blog, but I continue to procrastinate, may be one day, one day I will.


      1. Hahaha it was a decade of procrastination. Thank God its over. Noel, thank you for taking time to read and comment.


  2. Man😂😂😂😂😂!! How about the previllage I had – the Computer Lab Attendant was a neighbor. So, she would close me in the Lab for close to 2 hours as she is in an evening prayer session!!

    Thanks for the Memories.

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    1. Thank You Bruno. Wanyita. My similar story will be in another life blog. Much appreciation for taking the time to read and comment.


    1. Thank you Nelious for taking time to read. That was the most confusing part from me. Thank you fo leaving a comment.


  3. Thia took me down memory lane to Bweranyangi girls & leaving shoes outside the computer room! Great memories. Looking forward to more stories & happy blogging!

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  4. Proud of you for.taking this step and following another of your dreams. From one who is technologically impaired, I look forward to reading your insights.

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  5. Memories of those moments are indeed indispensable! You are a great writer and with such inspiration, there can not be a limit even at this blog.

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    1. Oliver, great to hear from you. Thank you for taking time to read and comment. I am glad I had you for a deskmate.


    1. Vicky, it’s pleasure working with a skilled lady like you. I have many lessons to learn form your experience. Thank you for taking time to read and comment.


  6. Hahaha “….entering without shoes and hit with the wooden broom in the clean shaven head…”😀
    Well done Yona for taking the first, May the Lord lead and bless the rest of the journey.
    Looking forward to more life stories.

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    1. Many thanks Shaban. Indeed stories remind us of the past and prepare for the future. Thank you reading and leaving a comment.

      Thank you for following the blog.


  7. I think there’s a great need for change on how we initiate children into tech.

    Long before a computer was looked at the inevitable thing one would ever touch.

    Sky is the limit and we waiting for more of your life experiences and lessons

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  8. WOW!
    well done dude and I am proud of you.
    Life is interesting, all these things we pass through prepare us for the unknowns and when we get on the climax we appreciate the fact that we’re blessed beyond measure.
    I am sure you know without doubt that has it not been by the grace of God you wouldn’t have been able to be this far. So please move on bro and may the LORD continue to use you in a mighty way to move nations as you experience his glorious works and power.
    Many blessings bro.
    1 Corinthians 15:58

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  9. Me being your OB at Kashozi and Am reading through this it touches my soul. You have made these memories sound so fresh. Oli the German guy made my days I don’t know whether I got the name clearly. I started a blog some time ago but I do write once in awhile. This could inspire and awaken back my spirit. I know you will make it

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  10. Great stride brother! Me being you OB at kashozi you have made me reflect upon those memories of the computer lab. Everybody wanted to associate with it but many including me never knew how to switch on those aliens by then. I started my blog some time ago but I feel like giving up. This could inspire me more Am going to start agian

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